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Manual extraction/installation of .ipk packages on OpenWrt

Occasionally it may be necessary to install a package manually on OpenWrt firmwares due to bugs or incompatibilities preventing automatic installation. Here’s how to do it. An .ipk file is just a regular tar/gz archive so we can extract the contents with tar. In this case I’m installing the Network UPS package on Gargoyle: cd /tmp wget tar zxpvf nut_2.6.5-2_ar71xx.ipk This extracts three files:

./control.tar.gz data.tar.gz is the file we want. To install to the router simply extract the files to root: cd / tar zxpvf /tmp/data.tar.gz And you’re done. Keep in mind that many packages will have dependencies and you’ll have to install those yourself (manually or through opkg) if you want the software to work.